Home Upgrade 101: Installing and Maintaining Your Hardwood Flooring

If you’re looking for more upgrades for your home, then you came to the right place. A good project to keep you productive over the summer would be wood flooring installation. Wood flooring is one of the best floors because of their long-lasting lifespan and looks great for design. Installing wood floors may not be easy but with an open mind and a little sacrificing it could be done by anyone.  

The installation of this type of flooring would require a lot of physical and mental toughness but do it yourself will be an experience you will never forget. In this article, you will learn more about hardwood flooring and how you can care for it to make sure it will last for many years. First of all, you would have to choose the type of wood you would be used to installing the flooring. Be it strip flooring, plank flooring, or parquet flooring. Strip flooring is denoted by the thickness and width of the wood planks. Plank flooring is the same as strip flooring, but it only comes in two thicknesses, but the widths would also vary like strip flooring.  

After choosing the type of wood you will be using, it is time to measure the room you will be placing the flooring. Measuring the room is an important task to do because it will tell you how long or how wide the wood planks need to be to fit in the chosen area. To allow for some mistakes, make sure to leave around ten percent extra when ordering the planks because it is good to have extra if you made a mistake or cut the wood the wrong way. The next thing to do is to check for squeaky floors by checking the sub-floor. If there are any squeaks in the floor, screw a long dry wall screw into the floor and joist when the squeak occurs. The next thing to do would be to roll out the vapor barrier paper to start the actual installation. 

After installing the planks, it is time to nail the rolls to keep the wood intact with the floor. Then, staple the boards with a pneumatic staple gun. The next thing to do would be cutting the baseboards and filling in the empty gaps you left for gaps for expansion and contraction in the future. After working around the clearance issue, fit the last board into place and fill the holes with wood putty.  

Then all you would need to do is basic maintenance and care for the hardwood you have just installed. Most of the time, people use to hire professional sandblasting service providers such as a company that offers Sandblasting Jacksonville FL whenever they want to resurface or refinish their hardwood flooring. Sometimes, sandblasting is even done if you want to deep clean any type of wood in your house, particularly your hardwood floor, wall, or furniture. These are some of the steps and guidelines to remember when you choose hardwood flooring for your home. 

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